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Long-Lasting Water Heaters. Lifelong Customer Service.

Our plumbers provide world-class service to ensure your new water heater runs perfectly. And since we offer energy-efficient systems and ongoing maintenance, when you hire us you'll know you're getting a water heater that will last for years to come.

All of our water heater installations include:

  • Free, on-site estimates
  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing, no surprises
  • 100% satisfaction—guaranteed

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Your water heater probably needs to be replaced if yours:

  • Is more than 10 years old.

    Tank water heaters typically last 10 years (15 years max). If yours is over 10 years old, it's probably time for a new one.

  • Has needed a lot of repairs.

    Have you paid for a lot of repairs recently? Frequent repairs point to a failing water heater. You're usually better off replacing your water heater rather than throwing money into expensive repairs or increased energy bills.

  • Doesn't provide enough hot water.

    If your water heater struggles to heat your water (but didn't used to), there's a good chance your water heater is on its way out.

  • Is leaking from the tank.

    If you see that your water heater is leaking from the tank, that's a sure-fire sign that you should replace your water heater.t.

  • Is making loud noises.

    Banging, clanking and hissing sounds are all signs that your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced.

How Pricing Works

  • For repairs: Upfront, flat-rate pricing

    Once we diagnose your plumbing issue, you'll get a price to fix your water heater before any work begins—so there are no surprises.

  • For installations: FREE in-home quotes

    Tell us what equipment you'd like installed, and we'll send an installation specialist to determine how much it will cost—for free.

Cost to install a water heater in Florida

Water heater installation costs vary based on the units:

  • Capacity:

    The more hot water a water heater can deliver at once, the more expensive it will be. A water heater's capacity is measured by its first hour rating (FHR). The higher the FHR, the more hot water you'll get at one time.

  • Efficiency:

    More efficient water heaters are also more expensive. A water heater's efficiency is measured by its Energy Factor (EF). The higher the EF, the more efficient the water heater.

  • Fuel type:

    You can choose between a gas or electric water heater. Florida homeowners typically go with a gas water heater because it's a cheaper fuel source than electricity

Our Process

Schedule your appointment with us

Schedule your appointment. If you schedule online, we'll call you as soon as we can to confirm your appointment.


Get upfront pricing

We'll send one of our plumbers to your home to give recommendations for a new unit. Our plumbers will give you upfront—and honest—pricing on all tank water heaters.


Get a new water heater installed—fast

Once you choose a unit and agree to the price, our plumber will remove your old water heater and install a new one. On average, tank water heaters take around 3 hours to install. 


Guarantees and Warranties You Can Count On

This is just a sneak peak of the promises we make to our customers. See all of our guarantees and warranties

  • 5-year parts and labor guarantee

    If the water heater we install fails within 5 years, we'll replace yours—absolutely free.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Not completely satisfied with your new water heater? We want to know about it. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy with our work.

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