Plumber inspecting beneath sink

Drain Replacement and Jetting Services

You don’t normally think about the drains under your home until something disastrous happens—like a ruptured or deteriorated pipe.

Whatever the problem is, our certified installation crews have the tools and equipment needed to do a superior job. Our Master Plumber supervises all phases of the project, including county/city permit inspections, quality control, etc.

Also, you get a lifetime warranty on all drain and pipe work with Plumbing Today!

Solutions to Common Drain and Pipe Problems

There are potential problems and issues with pipe systems based on the type of pipe. Here are our solutions to each of those problems based on the pipe type.

Type of pipe material: Cast Iron
Florida homes that typically have these: Homes built before 1980.

Cast iron was considered at one time the best way to deliver waste to the city sewers. These pipes have a thick wall and finished exterior to prevent and slow the corrosion from soils. Here in Florida, the acidic base of the soil will eventually eat away cast iron pipes.

Problems with cast iron pipes to be aware of:

  • Problem:

    Minor deterioration and clogging. The inner wall of the pipe gets corroded enough to create “pits” in the metal that snag items like paper. If this happens, the paper builds and collects drain matter and then, with some drying, could become a hardened clog.

  • The solution:

    Remove the clog with one of our heavy-duty K60 ridged rooter machines.

  • Problem:

    Major deterioration and clogging. Before the pipe is breached or ruptured, it could have major areas of deterioration, which causes frequent, problematic backups.

  • The solution:

    This could be cured with a whole-house jetting service.

  • Problem:

    Breached or ruptured pipe. If the pipe becomes too clogged and deteriorated, it will rupture.

  • The solution:

    This will require either a cutting of the floor or digging under the home, depending on the proximity to the outside of the dwelling. We incorporate a clean room process to reduce the dust in the home. If we work on a job where iron pipes have ruptured, we replace them with PVC pipes, which have a life span of 50 years or more.

Type of pipe material: PVC
Florida homes that typically have these: Home built since the 1980s

PVC is durable and resistant to acidic soils and tree intrusions. Since our soil does not freeze,

PVC is the perfect application for drains in Florida.

Problems with PVC pipes to be aware of:

  • Problem:

    New construction “waves.” In some homes, due to tractors driving over or improper backfilling of main drain lines, there “humps” that make the pipe look a bit like a roller coaster. This could cause intermittent slow drains or backups. It's frustrating for the owner of the home under 10 years old.

  • The solution:

    Re-routing the drain or digging it up and replacing it. Sometimes a high-pressure jetter (see below) could smooth the pipe enough whereby the flow could continue.

  • Problem:

    Roots. If the PVC gets cracks due to ground settling, then tree roots could find a way into the drain system and cause a major clog.

  • The solution:

    A rooting service with a K60 machine could cut the roots and hopefully prevent the need for a drain replacement.

Power Jetting Services:

We use a 5,000 GPM industrial jetter to clean build up in drain systems. PVC, cast iron or copper pipes can accumulate debris in your drain and cause backups and slow drains. We use this machine to clear all the “plaque” in your system. This allows for unrestricted flow of sewage to the city sewer or septic tank. This is usually a 4-6 hour job, and we give you a written 5-year no-drain backup guarantee after your job is done.