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We Know How to Clear Drains in Central Florida Homes 

Clogged or slow drain? Backed up toilet or sewer line issues? At Plumbing Today, our plumbers don't just clear your drain quickly, they do the job right. In fact, our plumbers will make sure you get a world-class plumbing & drain service and that you are happy with our work.

All of our drain cleaning services in Orlando include:

  • Service today, and no after-hour charges
  • Free, on-site estimates
  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing, no surprises

Same-day service, no overtime charges

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Free, on-site estimates

How Drain Cleaning Pricing Works

  • For repairs: Upfront, flat-rate pricing

    Once we diagnose your plumbing issue, you'll get a price to fix your drain before any work begins—so there are no surprises.

  • For installations: FREE in-home quotes

    Tell us what equipment you'd like installed, and we'll send a drain clearing specialist to determine how much it will cost—for free.

Cost to unclog a drain

The cost for drain cleaning can vary, depending on:

  • Accessibility of sewer cleanout:

    A sewer cleanout is the access point for plumbers to get into your home’s sewer line. If your sewer cleanout is on ground-level, it will be less expensive than if your sewer cleanout is located on the roof.

  • Equipment needed:

    Our plumbers will attempt to unclog your drain using a drain cable machine first. If the clog cannot be cleared using the drain cable machine, we may recommend hydro jetting, which will likely raise the total cost of the project.

  • Plumbing:

    You'll pay more for better-quality plumbers. With any plumbing work, you want a plumber who's licensed and experienced, offers strong warranties and has a good reputation.

Our Process for Clearing Clogged Drains

Schedule your appointment with us

Schedule your appointment for drain cleaning service. If you schedule online, we'll call you as soon as we can to confirm your appointment.

We unclog your drain

We'll send one of our plumbers to your Orlando area home. The plumber will attempt to clear the drain through conventional methods (drain cable machine). If the drain clog persists, we will perform a camera inspection on your drain line—at no additional cost to you.

We make sure you're comfortable

After cleaning your drain, we'll make sure you have the opportunity to let us know how we did. If you didn't get world-class service, we want to know where we went wrong.

Drain Issue Signs

You need a drain cleaned if you notice:

  • Slow-draining or backed up water.

  • Gurgling or bubbling drains

  • All of your drains are clogged

  • Overflowing toilets

  • Nasty odors coming from your drains

DIY Drain Tips

Dealing with a slow or clogged drain in your Orlando area home? Try these 2 tips before calling a plumber.

  • Plunge the drain

    But before you start, make sure you have the right plunger for the fixture. Sink plungers have a rubber cup that works well on flat surfaces, while toilet plungers (also called "flange plungers") have a flap that folds out to fit in the toilet drain. Using a sink plunger on a toilet or vice versa won't give you the good, airtight seal you need to clear the clog. Mixing plungers is also unhygienic and could lead to cross-contamination.

  • Remove the P-trap.

    If the clog is in a sink drain, you can try removing the blockage via the drain trap under the sink. (Make sure you have a bucket ready!) Don't remove the P-trap if you've recently used chemical drain cleaners.


    We cover these tips and more in our blog, "Easy Plumbing Tips to Prevent and Clear Clogged Drains"

Ready For Service? 

Customer Reviews

"Fast drain cleaning service"

They came out same day and fixed our clog quickly!

- Anna K.

"Cost was exactly as quoted"

Plumbing Today lived up to its name. They sent a plumbing technician out to our house the same day we called with a problem. He was on-time, very courteous, and professional. He clearly explained the drain clog problem we had and the possible resolutions. We chose a solution with the least issues involved, which resolved the problem. I would not hesitate using Plumbing Today again.

—Jeff F.