Your Water Is Ruining Your Hair

At the end of a long day, the first thing you want to do is jump in the shower and literally scrub the stress out of your hair. It’s hard to believe, but the one thing you’re doing that you think is washing and refreshing your hair is actually RUINING it. That’s right, your tap water actually has chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants in it, and washing your hair in unfiltered water damages it. Over 85% of the United States is shampooing with this hard water. Don’t believe us yet? Keep reading, and we will break down exactly the effects of unfiltered water on your hair.

Say Hi To Dry Hair

Despite what you may think, natural oils in your hair are a good thing. Our hair needs it to absorb and lock in moisture, creating a healthy head of hair. What chlorine and other containments do is strip the natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry. Just like us, our hair also needs to remain hydrated with its natural oils to shine. Chlorine not only prevents this but also dries out your scalp. Not only does this increase the chance of dandruff, but it can also increase hair loss. In fact, about 35% of American women suffer from some type of hair loss.

Say Goodbye To Your New Color

The very last thing you want is to spend hundreds of dollars at the hair salon on a coloring appointment to have that new, seasonal color wash right down the drain the next day. Chlorine is a bleaching agent, so not even color-saving products will save your hair from its fate. The average person spends roughly $80 a month on hair care, equating to $960 yearly. That’s a good chunk of change that ultimately gets ruined by contaminants in your water supply.

Hair Breakage Is Real

The contaminants in hard water like chlorine, calcium, and magnesium are anything but easy on your hair. The residue on your hair blocks your scalp from receiving the moisture it needs, causing hair thinning and even breakage. Not even expensive conditioners and products can save your hair from damage when it is repeatedly exposed to contaminants daily.

What’s The Solution?

So, now that you know hard water is hurting your hair, what can you do about it? A water treatment system is the only right answer! These systems remove the contaminants lurking in your water, protecting your hair from the hard effects of unfiltered water, and restore the vitality of your luscious locks.

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