You're Putting WHAT Down Your Drain?!

January 31, 2022

We know it can be easy to rinse things down the drain, but to get the best from today, you should avoid a few key items. Our Plumbing Today team has provided a quick list of items to avoid tossing down your home’s drains. Keep reading to find out what to steer clear of!

Cat Litter

Even if you use “flushable” cat litter, it’s best to refrain from flushing it down your toilet. Most cat litter isn’t designed for septic tanks, which are unable to break down fecal cat matter and litter. Cat feces quickly dehydrate within litter and easily creates clogs, especially if you wait too long between flushing lumps of litter or forget to break up litter clumps.

Flushable Wipes

Although flushable wipes are advertised as safe for your pipes, they don’t completely dissolve in water and it’s best for the environment AND your drains to dispose of them in a waste bin only. When enough wipes are flushed and not moving along through your pipes, it creates the ideal culprit for a clog.

Motor Oil

Disposing of used motor oil, transmission fluids, and even anti-freeze down your drain is not only bad for the environment but unlawful in Florida. This will aid in protecting our state’s waterways and water municipalities.

Cleaning Products

In continuation of preserving our ecosystems, refrain from disposing of cleaning solutions down your home’s drains as well. Antibacterial agents, phosphates, and other compounds harm our waterways. When possible, it’s best to switch to natural alternatives.

These are just a few items to NOT put down your drain. If you experience any drain troubles this year, our Plumbing Today team will be there to help you get the BEST! Call today to schedule your next clearing at (800) 226-2636.

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