WARNING: These Contaminants May Be In Your Water

December 14, 2021

Living in Florida, it’s important to have safe drinking water as it’s ranked the second most contaminated in the nation. The Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t updated its standard for clean drinking water since 1996 which allows for an abundance of contaminants and bacteria in public municipalities of water. Our Plumbing Today team has listed out some of the MOST common invaders in your home’s water supply.


Nitrates are one of the most common forms of water pollutants because they are found in fertilizers, manures, and liquid waste coming from septic tanks and plumbing systems. When nitrogen in fertilizer is either leftover by plants or carried off by runoff, it can quickly form with our groundwater and turn into sources of nitrate. Short-term exposure to water with above-average nitrate levels can be dangerous, especially to infants.

Microorganisms, Bacteria, & Viruses

All water hosts some extent of bacteria and protozoans. While most of these microscopic creatures are harmless, some such as E.Coli and Legionella Pneumophila can be troublesome. These microorganisms and diseases can cause severe damage to infants and the elderly.


Fluoride is a natural mineral found within the earth’s soil and has long been considered a helpful additive for water sources to combat tooth decay. Beginning in the 1940s, fluoride was added to our water systems. However, recent evidence has begun to suggest that fluoride does more harm than good. Extreme levels of fluoride can cause fluorosis, a change in tooth enamel that can lead to white spots and staining. Fluoride can also become concentrated in the skeletal system and weaken your body’s bone structure.

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