How To Unclog A Toilet

A clogged toilet can happen to the best of us. When faced with this situation, there are several tricks you can try to unclog the toilet.

Pour Water Into the Bowl

Sometimes, to loosen a clog or flush when the water level is low, pouring a gallon of hot water down the toilet can alleviate the problem. Holding the water at about waist height, carefully but forcefully, pour the contents directly into the toilet bowl. When you do this, you are imitating the same events as when you normally flush. The rush of water causes the water level to rise and initiates a siphon so the clog can be sucked down the sewer drain.

Use a Plunger

While there are several types of plungers available at your local hardware store, the type with a funnel cup at the bottom is best because it helps to create a better seal.

When plunging the toilet, be careful to make your first plunge slowly. Plunging too fast can cause water from the toilet bowl to shoot out and around your bathroom. It is also important that as you plunge, the focus be on pulling, not pushing. The goal is to loosen the obstruction so the toilet can drain.

Use an Auger

For extra stubborn clogs, augers can do what a plunger can’t. Sometimes called a snake, augers help clear blockages by targeting the hard to reach areas of your toilet. They work by either hooking the clog so it can be pulled out or help by pushing it through the pipe and down the drain. Augers do come in electric models but should only be operated by a professional plumber.

Call a Plumber

Sometimes it is a simple clog, but other times it may be symptomatic of more serious problems such as roots growing into and through your drain lines, or a septic system that is full and needs to be pumped. If you suspect a more serious problem, you should always call a licensed plumber. They are trained to diagnose and repair plumbing problems inside your home as well as diagnose factors that could be contributing to your clogged toilet or other plumbing related issues.

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