How Perma-Liner Can Save You Hundreds

December 21, 2021

Getting the news that you have to replace your home’s plumbing and repipe it can provide quite the scare, especially understanding the cost that a job like that incurs. Repiping goes beyond the pipes themselves, but sometimes requires the ripping up of flooring, breaking of foundation, and in some cases knocking down walls. However, there is an alternative option - introducing Perma-Liner!

Perma-Liner allows you to replace your home’s pipes without any digging, plus this non-invasive option can save you hundreds. Continue reading to find out how our Plumbing Today team can help save you big on repiping through trenchless pipelining.


With a traditional pipe repair, demolition will be required to repipe your home if it sits on a solid foundational slab. This is because a solid slab foundation prohibits a plumber from getting underneath the house to access your plumbing. Pier-and-beam foundations typically offer crawl spaces for technicians to access the pipes. Solid slab foundation homes require the foundation to be cut and dug up in order to access the pipes. With Perma-Liner, no digging, cutting, or major construction is necessary to restore old pipes. Just think how much you would save NOT having to tamper with your home’s foundation.


A traditional pipe repair can be invasive to your home’s foundation and cause you to tear up your flooring to complete the process. When you choose Perma-Liner, you won’t have to worry about ripping up your home’s flooring to get to the pipes. Depending on the repair, the average homeowner spends an additional $2,000 - $4,000 to replace their home’s flooring after repiping their home. With Perma-Liner, this is a cost you will not incur.


If you choose to go with replacing your home’s pipes, your plumber may have to make surgical cuts into your drywall in order to gain access to your home’s pipes, and in some instances even take down walls. Even minor cosmetic repairs are timely and expensive to patch and repaint. With Perma-Liner, no constructive repairs will need to be made to your walls, avoiding this cost entirely.


If your home does sit on a solid slab foundation, then your landscaping will most likely be dug up as well. Replacing sod itself is expensive at about $2 per square foot, not to mention other decorative landscaping that may be torn up in the process. With Perma-Liner, you can save your home’s landscaping and the headache that comes with it!

Luckily, our Plumbing Today team has a non-invasive solution for you and your home! Perma-Liner allows you to save approximately 25 - 30% on your pipe repairs and provides the results you need in just one to two days. Call our Plumbing Today team at (800) 226-2636 to schedule a FREE estimate today and one of our team members will visit your home to evaluate your pipes with a complimentary camera inspection.

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