5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Water Checked

June 01, 2021

Your home's water condition will directly impact your health if it is struggling, but how will you know if your home needs help? You cannot always know, but it is important for your water to be checked regularly. Just like how people visit the doctor or dentist annually, it is important to make sure everything is functioning the way it should. Your water and home should be treated the same way.

pH Levels

Drinking water can vary from acidic to alkaline and pH levels can tell us that. Making sure your pH is within normal limits is important to know and understand. It could be a sign something is wrong with your water and investing in a water filter could be a great option to correct poor water quality.


Do you experience poor odors, stains on clothes, or bitter tastes with your water at home? With water systems, you never know what could come from the ground or seep into your plumbing system. All these signs could be indications of contaminants living in your water. By checking your water, you can remove these contaminants or avoid them entirely.

Household Plumbing

Depending on where you live or how old your home is, your plumbing fixtures could reflect the age. Some of the plumbing materials that are linked to contaminants in water are lead and copper, which can lead to health issues. Older homes tend to have lead pipes and newer homes tend to have copper. Water system checks will look for these contaminants, ensuring that the water in your home is safe to use.

Water Source

Homeowners either have their water derived from a public or private source. Those who have private sources of water are responsible to check it on their own since it is not maintained by city or county officials. While water is typically checked annually by local officials, you should still get it checked if something seems off with your water.

Overall Health

By checking for contaminants it can help you avoid illness, allowing you to know for your own sake if it is safe or not. Contaminated water could cause serious health issues especially for expecting mothers, children, and the elderly. By getting your water checked, you’re ensuring immense health benefits, especially when drinking clean water often!

Safe, usable water should be a top priority for any homeowner that wants the best living conditions for themselves and their family. Contact us today at (800) 226-2636 and schedule an appointment for one of our Plumbing Today team members to check your water!

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