Plumbing Inspection

We’ve got you covered with a 60-Point Plumbing Inspection. 

We’ve got you covered with a 60-Point Plumbing Inspection. 

From sinks to main lines, Plumbing Today will inspect the plumbing in your home to ensure your comfort, health, and security.

Following are just a few of our inspection points:

  • Lavatory Sink, Toilet, Bathtub, Shower, Sink Faucet
  • Kitchen Sink, Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher
  • Main Line Stoppage
  • Water Heater, Gas/Electric Laundry, Washing Machine Stoppages
  • Air Conditioning Condensate Drain
  • Sump Pump
  • REPLACE toilet flappers, faucet aerators, as needed

You will receive our exclusive Blue Carpet Service. We’ll strive to arrive on time and in a clean uniform. Plus, we’ll cover our shoes before we enter, lay down work mats to keep our work areas clean, and tidy up when we’re done. And we’ll follow up to make sure everything was exactly as you expected.

Further plumbing prevention services and exclusive benefits include:

  • Plumbing Today Trust Certified and Licensed plumbers (no subcontractors)
  • Priority service
  • Fast response and 24-hour/7-day emergency service
  • Extended appointment times to better fit YOUR schedule
  • Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Saves Water
  • Increase efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Maintain safe operation of plumbing systems
  • Improve comfort and reliability

For more on our plumbing inspection or any of our other products and services, please contact us online. Don’t forget to ask us about our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!