Drain Pipe Relining

When is it the right choice?

When is it the right choice?

There are many cases where Relining the corroded pipe is an answer. It is not all cases, but there are many instances where this technology could avoid the larger job of full drain system replacement. The LINING of a particular drain in the home is less invasive and generally can be done without major repairs to the structure of the home.

The best scenarios for this type of technology:

  1. Main drain lines
  2. A single branch line 2” or larger
  3. Corroded lines, not completely deteriorated
  4. Homes built on pilings (Beach/water front)
  5. Freshly remodeled home
  6. Home owners or families with disabilities that can’t be without a bathroom
  7. Commercial properties with heavy traffic
  8. Condominiums, apartments and hotels

Some of the advantages:

  1. Speed – Could be done in less than one day
  2. Regulation – Permit process less intrusive than drain replacement
  3. Home disruption – no dust, concrete cutting in home, or floor replacement
  4. Money – unless significant water damage has occurred, owners are financially responsible for all repairs.

CIPP – Also known as “Cured In Place Process” is a state of the art insertion of a resin injected liner that hardens into a plastic pipe by using a machine (such as a PermaLiner or ACE DuraFlow) to inflate the liner after it has been inverted and pulled into the pipe. when the curing has taken place the bladder is pulled through leaving a nice smooth pipe surface behind, a pipe within the pipe.

So is this process right for you and your home? It depends:

  1. Is this a preventative measure or has a major leak already occurred? Insurable job?
  2. Need to replace all branches and main lines?
  3. How much of the old pipe is left?
  4. How much of the house will need repaired?
  5. How long will the home or business be without facilities?

These are all considerations. Of course, with Plumbing Today, we offer many options to the home or business owner in regards to their drain solutions. We can camera, thoroughly clear/clean and diagnose any sewer line or drain line to recommend the RIGHT solution that fits YOUR needs whether its Relining or Replacement.

For more on our sewer line repair and relining, or any of our other products and services, please call or contact us online.  Don’t forget to ask us about our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Customer Review
"Our plumbing technician was so knowledgeable and professional! I learned so much about our pipes and how to maintain them for longevity. Now, we can avoid much bigger problems in the future." - Jen