Drain Clearing, Cleaning and Rooter Services

Plumbing Today uses the very latest equipment in detecting, clearing, and cleaning drains of all types, commercial and residential. Our plumbers are fully equipped to handle all of these needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We work nights, weekends, holidays at NO EXTRA CHARGE, NEVER an overtime charge either!

Drain Clearing – drains gather debris for various reasons. Age, abrasions, lesions, and even breaches in the drain pipe will cause it to create a debris FIELD, which will build up until the clog causes a backup. We will CLEAR the clog so your system will run again. This is attained often by using our standard Ridgid K60 Drain Clearing Machine.

Rigid K60 Drain Clearing

Our plumber will CLEAR the clog and either camera the line or recommend our Field Service Specialist use a premier camera system to verify the condition of the drain system.

  1. If client gets camera service performed (which is included in clearing) then we offer a 1 year NO BACKUP guarantee.
  2. If client refuses camera inspection, then the NO BACKUP guarantee on the drain is 30 days.

If the drain clearing process is not the full answer, we will REFUND the price to the client (if they choose the camera inspection) toward a JETTING SERVICE (see Jetting Services), or a full DRAIN REPLACEMENT (see Drain Replacement Services).
If you have one of our PCMA+ Plans (Plumbing Care Maintenance Agreement) it includes a FREE ANNUAL drain clearing and camera inspection (See Agreement Section, or call us at 1-855-GET-COOL.
Our drain clearing, cleaning, repairing, and replacement services are the most comprehensive in the industry and area. For loyal clients we offer annual coverage for drain clearing and camera inspections, for customers without our Plumbing Plans, competitive pricing.
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"Good work from Plumbing Today. I have already given multiple referrals and will continue to do so because they’re so great!" - Don

* “Residential” drain clearing only. Some restrictions and fees may apply if access is limited.

“Commercial” drain clearing is $59 diagnostic to assess quote and waived with repair.