Tired Of Plumbing Leaks? Reduce 'Pipe Stress'

September 10, 2014

Ever wonder why pipes get leaks?

Time takes its toll, sure. But stress on the pipes is a big cause of plumbing leaks. Too much stress over time and you’ll have to replace your entire plumbing system, costing you thousands of dollars.

Two things causes plumbing stress:

  • High water pressure
  • Hard water (water filled with high mineral content)

We’ll explain why and what you can do about them.

Why high water pressure causes pipe stress

High water pressure stresses your pipe joints and faucets. And it makes appliance valves work harder, too. To see if your water pressure is too high, attach a hose bib gauge to an outside water spigot and open the water line.

Normal water pressure is 40 and 85 psi. If it’s above that range, your water pressure is too high.

What to do about it: Hire a plumber to install a pressure reducer.

Just to let you know, using low flow shower heads won’t reduce water pressure in the pipes; it only reduces water pressure where the water exits.

Why hard water causes pipe stress

Most of Florida’s water is very hard. Hard water is water with high mineral content, specifically calcium carbonate and magnesium.

Those minerals can:

  • Build up inside the pipes and restrict flow, which increases the water pressure.
  • Corrode joints and fittings, shortening the lifespan of your home’s pipes.

(Hard water minerals can also make your chores harder.)

If you’re not sure if you have hard water, find your local municipality's annual water quality report. Don’t worry it’s free.

What to do about it: Have a plumber install a whole-home water softener that will (surprise) soften the hard water.

Don’t confuse water softening with another form of water treatment, like reverse osmosis. Learn more in our article, Water Softening vs. Reverse Osmosis: What’s the Difference?

Need a professional Florida plumber?

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