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Get Your Dream Bathroom by Upgrading Your Fixtures

Did you know that a year and a half of your life (over 13,000 hours) will be spent in the bathroom?

Did you know that a year and a half of your life (over 13,000 hours) will be spent in the bathroom?

(Assuming 30 minutes/day and a lifespan of 75 years). For some, that number may be much higher. That is a long time to spend in one place, so it makes sense that next to kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling is one of the most common home makeovers in Sarasota, Florida and surrounding areas.
Whether you have a large or small budget, here are some bathroom fixture upgrades that will give your bathroom that feeling of luxury.

Matching hardware

One of the easiest ways to get the bathroom of your dreams on a budget is by upgrading to matching faucets, light fixtures, towel bars, cabinet door handles, etc. You may be able to purchase a whole set or mix and match the hardware of your choice. Depending on your selections, this can be an easy DIY project that instantly gives your bathroom a more luxurious feel or a job for a professional. 

Massage showerheads

Still have an older showerhead with only one setting? You can give your bathroom a feeling of luxury by installing a massage showerhead. An upgraded showerhead may even save you money by using less water. Many of the massage showerheads from leading manufacturers are designed to increase water pressure while actually saving water. Look for heads that use less than three gallons of water per minute.

Spa/jet bathtubs

Large bathtubs with jets are commonly sought after in home bathrooms. By upgrading your tub, you will not only experience the luxury of such a feature, but you will also improve the resale value of your home. These tubs can range from around $800 to over $18,000. Select the tub that fits your style and budget and remember to allow for the additional costs of the faucet and electrical and plumbing components.

Water heater upgrades

Running out of hot water while taking a shower is anything but luxurious. You can eliminate this possibility by upgrading to a largerwater heater or installing a tankless water heater. Don’t want to install a new whole-home water heater? Point-of-use tankless water heaters can be affordable alternatives.

Bathroom lighting fixtures

When you think of upgrading the bathroom fixtures in your Sarasota area home, you probably do not immediately consider your lighting. However, you can add luxury to your home bathroom by upgrading the lighting fixtures or installing a dimmer switch to set the mood.
And that’s not all. Some other popular bathroom fixture upgrades include a whisper-quiet exhaust fans, towel warmers and heated flooring!
Ready to get started on your home’s bathroom remodel? Plumbing Today helps homeowners in Sarasota, Florida and the surrounding areas achieve the bathroom of their dreams. Schedule a free consultation online today!