Don’t Let These Plumbing Mistakes Clog Up Your Holiday Celebrations

November 28, 2012

You may make these plumbing mistakes year-round. They can cause clogs in your Sarasota area home.

But the clogs can become more prominent during the holidays. Why? 
Because during the holidays you may be preparing large amounts of food and/or you will have more guests. Both of these combined will work your plumbing system harder than usual.
We know you’re busy during this time of the year, but please don’t overlook these mistakes that lead to common clogs in your home. They could embarrass you and your guests.

Keep clogs out of the kitchen

Since you will be preparing a lot of food for guests or your family, you’ll be working your kitchen’s plumbing to its max.
Here are the common mistakes you might be making that can clog your kitchen drain:

  • Pouring fats or cooking oils down the sink drain - Don’t do this. Fats and cooking oils will solidify and clog your kitchen pipes. Wipe the grease from pots and pans with a paper towel and throw it in the trash.
  • Filling up the garbage disposal and then turning it on - You’ll clog your garbage disposal up really easy this way. If you have a lot of food to dispose of, slowly feed the food into the disposal as you keep it running.
  • Feeding garbage disposal things you shouldn’t - The disposal isn’t invincible, as threatening as it sounds when you turn it on. Avoid putting greasy, fibrous (carrot and potato skins), or starchy (rice and pasta) food in there.

Ban clogs from bathrooms

More guests mean more bathroom usage than normal. That multiplies the chances of your normal mistakes turning into real problems.
Here are the top two mistakes people make that clog up their bathroom plumbing.

  • Flushing cotton balls, swabs, facial scrub pads and other sanitary products down a toilet - These kind of products don’t dissolve. And in some instances they expand and clog your toilet in no time. Basically, unless it’s toilet paper, just say no to throwing things down the toilet. Everything else goes in the trash can.
  • Never clean out the hair in your shower drain - Hair also does not dissolve. That means it will build up in your shower drains if you don’t clean the drain periodically. Clean it out before guests show up, or you’ll have shower water backing up. You can also put a drain screen over the drain. This catches the hair for you and makes cleaning up easy.

Clogs can be annoying and ruin your fun with friends and family this holiday season. Don’t let them! Nip them in the bud by using these tips to avoid common plumbing mistakes.
Got a general plumbing problem that needs a professional touch? Contact Plumbing Today and we’ll make sure your plumbing problems don’t disturb your holiday festivities.

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